Must-Have Travel Accessories

You’ve chosen to spend your vacation on Anna Maria Island in one of the unique and luxurious rentals at Cedar Cove Resort and Cottages. We’ll provide the charming, luxurious beachfront setting and top-notch amenities for your vacation home; AMI will provide soft sand and incredible weather for swimming, sunbathing and stargazing, not to mention the irresistible local boutiques and restaurants for shopping, dining and more.

But what are you bringing for yourself? We have some suggestions.


Ebags Packing Cubes

These handy-dandy suitcase organizers have been atop travelers’ lists for a few years now—and with good reason. The durable, lightweight, zippered mesh bags come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your suitcase and the things that go in it. Sort your clothes by style or type and you won’t have to go rummaging through the entirety of your belongings every time you need a pair of socks or a suitable shirt for dinner.


Mophie Powerstation

Obviously you can’t afford to lose power on any of your devices when you’re out and about. Among Mophie’s many solutions is this charging hub, with multiple USB ports as well as a wireless charging station. The 6,000mAh capacity can keep several devices going, so you won’t miss a call, an email, or—most importantly—a photo op.


Asobu Pill Bottle

Keeping track of your medication while traveling is hard. Asobu’s ingenious design keeps your daily pills sorted within a sleek water bottle. Keep it on you as you stroll the island, and when it comes time for a pill, you’re all set.


VinniBag Fragile-Items Transporter

Whether you’re bringing your favorite wine from home or taking a few delicate southwest Florida souvenirs home with you, the VinniBag inflatable travel bag keeps breakables protected within durable cushions of air. Multiple chambers make it customizable to a variety of objects.


Icemule Soft Cooler

A good cooler is a must-have for any afternoon on the beach, but it’s almost impossible to travel with a hard-sided bit of kit. Icemule makes durable soft coolers that can collapse into your suitcase and then come out to play when you get here, accommodating a 12-pack (plus ice) so you can stay suitably hydrated.

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