The History of the Chickee Hut

One of the things that makes Cedar Cove Resort unique are our two authentic, beachfront chickee huts. Built right on the white sugar sand of Anna Maria Island, they offer respite from the sun while allowing a view of the turquoise gulf waters.

The word chickee (or chickee) means “house" in the Creek and Mikasuki languages, spoken by the Seminoles and Miccosukees native Americans. A chickee is a structure marked by a raised floor, thatched roof, and open sides. Chickee huts were adopted by the Seminole tribe during the 1850s as the US Army pushed them deeper into the Everglades. The structures, built using a cypress frame and palmetto thatches, were easily built quickly.

The chickees were built in a community, with each chickee serving its own purpose, as a structure for cooking, eating, sleeping or for another community need.

Modern Chickees

Although chickee huts, known to many as “tiki huts,” are an important part of Seminole history, they are also a unique part of modern living in Florida. In the early 1900s the Seminoles understood their uniqueness. In the final treaty signed in 1900 with the US government, the Seminoles demanded and were granted the right to build chickee huts wherever they wanted. They are unrestricted by zoning and permitting if built by the Seminole tribe. They are commonly seen as part of the architecture of some of Florida’s finest beachfront homes, and they have a special part in our heart here at Cedar Cove Resort.

Our Chickee Hut

Our two chickee huts were built right on the beach by the founder of our resort Mr. Jack Cedar when he created the Resort his goal was to create a unique, old Florida style resort that spoke to the laid-back island life he loved. Building the main part of the resort right on the sandy beaches of Holmes Beach, Jack wanted to stamp Cedar Cove Resort with a true island atmosphere. He built our two chickee huts with direct gulf view, and we continue to maintain them in his vision.

Each year we replenish the palm thatched roof with palm fronts right from our own towering palm trees. Our visitors continue to enjoy the shade offered, but also the ability to catch the warm breezes. Our chickee huts bring a bit of the history of Florida to our little resort, and are the perfect place to read a book or enjoy a late afternoon cocktail.

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