Science Says: Not Only Do You Deserve a Vacation, You Need One!

Think about a place where you breathe deeply, and your shoulders get lighter. You wiggle your toes in the clear water, and feel the white sand exfoliating your tired feet. The sun being down is your guide of when to go inside and the umbrella your planted in the sand is your marker in the horizon to make sure you don’t go too far in your float.

Not only does this situation sound desirable, but it’s actually beneficial to your mental and physical health.

These days, people are taking less time for vacations and more time for work. They’re working longer hours, getting less time off and taking few trips. Along with that, there’s an increase in burnout, anxiety, and discontentment.

Science says: Not only do you deserve a vacation, you need one!

A study done by National Geographic and Gallup’s social scientists found that the Bradenton-Sarasota-North Port area was ranked #14 Happiest City in the whole United States. And yes, that includes Cedar Cove’s beloved home on Anna Maria Island.

Vacationing to the beach in particular is noted to be a great resource for your health. Now, if we don’t just want to take social scientists word for it, let’s dig in a little deeper with that sand shovel.

The colors blue and green are largely proven to help contribute to calmness and peacefulness. Saltwater contains many healing and helpful minerals such as potassium and magnesium. The lapping of waves lightly crashing is popularly used as a sound machine to help people increase relaxation and fall asleep easier. And by now we should all know about the sun’s glorious Vitamin D benefits.

Not only all of those elements, but it is nearly impossible to stand out and watch the sunset and not feel at least a twinge of gratitude. That’s not necessarily scientifically proven but if you don’t think so, come and try for yourself!

Do yourself a favor this year, take a vacation and take note of the mental and physical benefits of doing so.

Come to Cedar Cover on Anna Maria Island and we promise, you will leave with a pep in your step, a smile on your face, and hopefully a fresh tan.

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