Adulthood Spring Break

This time of year means beautiful weather and hoards of students and families flocking to Anna Maria Island for some sun and fun. Anna Maria Island Resorts at Cedar Cove has been bustling with students and families looking for a tropical Spring Break getaway. It’s a nostalgic reminder of the sweet days of Spring Breaks past.

For many of us, long gone are the days of college Spring Breaks or taking a week off to veg out in the sun, so we wanted to bring you 5 easy ways to bring a little taste of grown up Spring Break.

  1. Try a new drink recipe
    With countless convenient websites like Pinterest and food blogs online, there are recipes for everything at your fingertips. Do some exploring and try out a new cocktail (or mocktail for the younger ones) to indulge in! Make your own chilly daiquiri or a spring spritzer to put you in the Spring Break state of mind. Don’t forget to add a festive drink umbrella and a garnish of your favorite fresh fruit.
  2. Add some color to your wardrobe
    Maybe you can’t take the week off to frolic in bright-colored bikinis or Hawaiian shirts. But you CAN intentionally add a little pop of color to your wardrobe this week. Maybe add a zany tie or a colorful pair of dangly earrings for just a little excitement. It may seem like an insignificant addition, but brighter colors are sure to make your day brighter!
  3. Float by the pool
    Head to a local beach supply store like Island Bazaar to pick up a fun float, hop on, and let your eyes close. Spending a little time floating at the pool is an easy way to trick yourself into floating into the relaxed vacation mode. Just hop on your float and let your worries drift away for a little.
  4. Upload a beach picture
    If you live on Anna Maria or any of the nearby cities, it’s easy to get used to the incredible beach views here. It’s always great to snap a pic of AMI’s beautiful blue horizon, clear water, white sand, and remarkable sunsets to remind you (or to have jealous Facebook friends or Instagram followers remind you) just how fabulous it is here. Anna Maria Island Resorts at Cedar Cove has the perfect view for a photo opportunity… Look at it from a visitor’s state-of-mind and upload a picture like you’re visiting, too!
  5. Listen to a fun playlist and drive with your windows down
    Soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh salty air, and turn the radio up. Playing the right music can certainly give you a taste of vacation. Maybe it’s a song that brings you back to your Spring Breaks past or just some beach-themed jams by The Beach Boys or Bob Marley.

Don’t forget, just because your Spring Break days may be over that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this time of year too! Anna Maria Island Resorts at Cedar Cove offers relaxing and fun Spring Break vibes year-round, so turn up the music and plan a stay whenever you need it!


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