The Top 10 Best Beach Destinations in America

best beach destinations, and Anna Maria Island is one of the best beaches in America

Millions of people visit the beach.

If there’s one country that offers plenty of opportunities to bask in the sun, it’s the United States. Whether you go to the beach to relax in the sand or catch some waves, there’s a beach in the U.S. for you!

Out of this list of the 15 best beaches, four of them are U.S. beaches. From California to Florida and down to Hawaii, there are many paradise states that offer some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

With summer coming up, are you planning a beach vacation? Visit one of these 10 best beach destinations.

The Best Beach Destinations in America

When deciding where to take your next beach vacation, take a look at what these beaches have to offer and what you want to experience. To help you narrow down your search, these are some of the most favored beaches in the U.S.

1. Manele Bay, Hawaii

The Hawaii island of Lana'i is famous for offering some of the best beaches in the world. If you want to experience the best of the best, visit Manele Bay at the southern part of Lana’i.

This is a beach that is not only perfect but pretty secluded.

The scenic sand, water, and cliffs are enough to attract visitors to this beach.

Manele Bay is also famous for its snorkeling adventures. You can spot colorful fish and even dolphins!

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. And it’s no wonder why.

Myrtle Beach is one of the biggest beaches in the country. Myrtle Beach attracts several tourists each year who want to swim, fish, sail, sunbathe, and surf.

Myrtle Beach doesn’t only offer white sand and picturesque water. There are plenty of water and amusement parks and live entertainment.

3. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Do you picture a more relaxing beach vacation? If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of tourism, visit Nantucket. Nantucket is the beach you see in fantasies.

The beach is simple — white sand and bright blue ocean take the scene away.

The town itself is also quiet but lovely.

Nantucket is a popular beach destination for families. You and your kids can play in the sand and the water. Unlike other oceans, Nantucket beaches are calm without crazy waves. Perfect for your children to swim all day in the ocean.

4. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

It’s no surprise that Hawaii makes this list again. We all know it’s home to the most picturesque beaches in the world. But Kauna’oa Bay dominates more than others.

Take a picture of yourself on Kauna’oa Bay and you’ll immediately be the figure of envy for all of your social media friends.

Kauna’oa Bay attracts everyone for its stereotypical beach pleasures — palm trees, white sand, and crystal clear water. This beach is perfect for all tourists, whether you want to do some water sports or just lay out in the sand.

5. Clearwater Beach, Florida

In 2018, Clearwater Beach was ranked the best beach in America. And there’s a good reason why — it’s huge and full of fun!

You can swim out in the Gulf of Mexico and play in the sand during the day, and at night you can live it up at Clearwater’s bar scene.

Fair warning — the tourist crowd in Clearwater can get pretty intense. If you want a more tranquil vacation, opt to relax on Sand Key, which is a beach in close proximity to Clearwater.

6. Coronado, California

Coronado is a resort city on San Diego Bay. While the white sand and blue water attract the beachgoers who want to relax, Coronado Beach mainly attracts the more extreme beachgoers.

Bodysurfers, swimmers, boogie boarders, and surfers all flock to this beach. There are also other calm activities to do in Coronado. This includes whale watching and sandcastle building.

Are you planning on traveling with your dog? Be sure to visit Dog Beach, which is in the north. Here, dogs run around leash-free and frolic all day.

7. Cape May, New Jersey

If you want to combine the best of fun beach days and a quaint getaway, be sure to visit Cape May. Cape May is located on the southernmost point of Jersey Shore.

The beaches are absolutely gorgeous — white sand and blue water. Laying out on the beach is by far the best activity in Cape May. But the town is also very charming.

It’s a classic Victorian town with a vibrant culture.

8. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is a popular tourist destination. It’s an island that sits on the coast of Cape Cod. Beyond the sandy beaches and blue water, it’s a lovely town filled with lighthouses and sea cottages.

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, travel east to Moshup Beach. You get to overlook cliffs adorned with lighthouses and walk across white sandy beaches.

9. East Hampton, New York

The beaches at East Hampton attract tourists all throughout the year. That’s because the sand is white, the waves are big, and the whole beach is absolutely gorgeous.

The main reason why tourists love the Hamptons — the food. Make it a point to chow down on seafood dishes such as lobster.

Another favorite activity for tourists is to try and see celebrities. Stars such as Eli Manning and Robert Downey, Jr. all own property on this beach.

10. Anna Maria Island, Florida

Anna Maria Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bradenton. You’ll look at turquoise-blue waters and lay on white sand.

Anna Maria Island consists of three main beaches —Anna Maria Beach, Holmes Beach, and Bradenton Beach. This whole area is protected and is practically untouched.

You should also make it a point to eat fresh seafood!

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