Make a Splash: 9 Super Fun Things to Do at the Beach

Things to do at the beach on Anna Maria Island

Is there anything better than sitting on the beach, sipping a smoothie or beer, and soaking up some rays?

If you love going to the beach, you can probably spend hours in this way. If you don't like these visits, perhaps you need more ideas for what to do at the beach. 

Are you headed to the beach for a vacation? There’s more to beach fun than walking in the sand. Here are uniquely exciting things to do at the beach.

1. Arrive for a Beautiful Sunrise

If you're spending time vacationing by the ocean, then one of the best and most rewarding things you can do is get up early and head to the beach. 

Not only will there be very few people doing the same, but you'll also be able to watch a stunning sunrise. 

Choose a day which will be clear for the best views and make sure to take a coffee with you (preferably in a reusable cup so you don't add to plastic pollution!) 

2. Help Clean the Beaches

If you live near the beach, you're likely frustrated by the change you've seen. Over the last few years, plastic pollution has become a major problem. 

In 2010 alone, around 4 million to 12 million metric tons of plastic washed offshore. Worse yet, we simply don't know where this plastic ends up and how it's changing marine life, and ours. 

Why not spend your time on the beach doing some good? Everyone sees picking up plastic waste as someone else's problem. But, this isn't the case anymore. 

By cleaning up our beaches, we can make a small dent in the plastic pollution problem. If you're bringing kids to the beach too, why not turn this pick-up into a game?

Not only will your kids be helping to change the world for good, but they'll also be learning about a problem which will become critical within their lifetimes. 

Make sure to take reusable gloves, a pick-up stick, and a box. When you bring the plastic waste back to land, make sure to recycle it properly. 

3. Bring a Well-Planned Picnic

After a morning of watching the sunrise and cleaning up the beach, you'll certainly be feeling hungry. 

Why not bring some sandwiches along with you? You'll be saving money on buying expensive meals along the seafront. 

Watch out for seagulls, however, as these birds won't hesitate to snatch a tasty looking morsel right out of your hands.

Pack foods which are easy to eat on the beach. For example, a banana comes wrapped in its own casing and is a great source of fiber to keep you running about all day.

4. Avoid the Waves!

Play the classic kids game of attempting to run faster than the ocean. By running back and forth in and out of the sea, you'll soon be feeling exhausted. 

But, this is great exercise and certainly a fantastic way to ensure kids are feeling worn out and ready for bed after a long day at the beach. 

5. Don't Forget to Take Photos

While everyone is running in and out of the ocean, make sure you're getting some pics! 

These memories will be precious when winter returns and summer days seem so far away. Try to ensure the lighting is great and get some group shots so you have new photos to adorn your home. 

Make your photos as creative as possible as these will certainly make for the most interesting snaps in your photo album. 

6. Go for a Dip, Surf or Body Board

When you're feeling hot and have let your lunch go down, it's time to get into the sea and go for a swim. If you're a super prepared beachgoer, you'll likely have brought either a body board or a surfboard with you to catch those waves. 

If you're more of a casual beachgoer or there aren't enough waves, maybe having a quick dip or swim is enough for you. 

Always make sure you follow the instructions of a lifeguard on duty and swim with a friend or at least near other people.

The ocean can be a hazardous place, so make sure you and your loved ones are staying safe while enjoying yourselves

7. Have You Brought the Sunscreen?

When spending a long day at the beach, there is nothing more essential than sunscreen. 

Sunburn can result in a ruined holiday or even a trip to the doctor. This is no laughing matter!

Once you climb out of the ocean, make sure to dry off and reapply your sunscreen. Spend as much time in the shade as possible, why not bring a book for these moments?

If there are mosquitoes, you may also want to consider taking a citronella or DEET product to avoid any nasty bites. 

Kids are known for their hatred of sunscreen. You could instead make sure they wear a t-shirt in the water or even a wetsuit to avoid the worst of the sun. 

8. Bury Someone in the Sand

Once you're suitably worn out, you'll likely have a nap in the sand... Don't be surprised if you wake up buried in the sand.

Is there anything more fun than burying someone in the sand and turning them into a cartoon mermaid? Definitely make sure to capture this moment on camera!

After being buried in the sand, it'll certainly be time for another dip in the ocean. You'll be finding sand on random parts of your body for days to come, we promise!

9. Watch the Sunset with Your Loved Ones

After a long day at the beach, you can't head back to your accommodations until you've watched the sunset. Of course, if it's one of the beautifully long summer days, perhaps you'll need a dinner picnic with you too! Why not also bring a few Pina Coladas from home?

Is there anything better than those wonderful summer moments, sitting on the beach with your loved ones and watching as the sun sets? We don't think so.

Things to do at the Beach are Endless

Of course, this list of things to do at the beach isn't exhaustive at all. No wonder the beach is such a summer vacation favorite!

One top tip while vacationing is to always make sure you have huge bottles of water (again, preferably in reusable bottles), to ensure you're not getting dehydrated after all of this fun.

Are you now looking forward to your next beach holiday but not sure where to go? Check out this article about the top 10 best beaches in America.

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