things to do in Sarasota

Sun, surf, and Southern food. These three things all equal Florida, right?

Whether you've never been there or you've already hit places like Orlando and Miami and now want something new, Sarasota is the next destination for you! You can't possibly get bored in this great city.

Keep reading to learn the top things to do in Sarasota, Florida. This is the ultimate do-not-miss list!

Great Mango Season Recipes on Anna maria Island

Of the many perks we enjoy here on the southwest Florida coast, the sweetest by far is our year-round bounty of delicious fresh fruits. While citrus and strawberries dominate the spring, come summer, it’s mango season. And oh what a season it is.

best vacation spots for guys

There are all types of great beach destinations for vacationers to enjoy. However, they're not all equipped to handle the lifestyle preferences of single young men. In other words, some of these locations fall short when it comes to things such as alcohol, nightlife, and like-minded women. 

So, what are the best vacation spots for guys? We're going to get into that very question below. Without further ado, here are the best beach vacation spots for single men.

Florida beach summer fun

Southwest Florida’s traditional “season” runs from about Thanksgiving to Easter, but people who stick around for summer have a whole lot to enjoy—especially here on Anna Maria Island, where our natural, laid-back vibe goes hand-in-hand with taking it easy in our beachy paradise during July and August.

Things to do at the beach on Anna Maria Island

Is there anything better than sitting on the beach, sipping a smoothie or beer, and soaking up some rays?

If you love going to the beach, you can probably spend hours in this way. If you don't like these visits, perhaps you need more ideas for what to do at the beach. 

Anna Maria Island has the best sand beach in Florida

While you stay with us on the beach, as you sink your toes in or shake out your towel, you’ll start to develop a close, personal relationship with Anna Maria’s sand. And that’s OK—it’s exceptional stuff. Far from the coarse grit you might see on coastlines in other parts of the world, southwest Florida’s shores are blessed with a fine, flour-like powder, so soft and smooth it squeaks when you walk on it.

Florida vacation destination Cortez Fishing Village

If you travel one mile south from our cozy Anna Maria Island spot on the shores of the glittering Gulf of Mexico, taking the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway to the mainland, you might glimpse evidence of the area’s longstanding commercial fishing heritage: sturdy commercial fishing boats maneuvering past the footprint of bygone net camps and 100-year-old shoreline cottages and bungalows to deliver their catch.

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