Holidays on the Beach

When you think of the holidays, you probably envision the leaves changing, icy weather and snowfall, scarves and mittens.


But holidays in Florida can be just as festive as up North—we just do things a little differently.

With the holidays just around the corner, find out why people are flocking to Anna Maria Island for the perfect winter vacation getaway.

Are you planning a winter vacation for your family? Are you searching for a place that offers numerous activities? Do you want to go somewhere that gives the right amount of cold without worrying about any snowfall?

Then the state of Florida is your best bet. Florida recorded over 126 million visitors in 2018. Tough most of them came to have fun in the sun, there is a gem that you need to experience during winter.

You’ve chosen to spend your vacation on Anna Maria Island in one of the unique and luxurious rentals at Cedar Cove Resort and Cottages. We’ll provide the charming, luxurious beachfront setting and top-notch amenities for your vacation home; AMI will provide soft sand and incredible weather for swimming, sunbathing and stargazing, not to mention the irresistible local boutiques and restaurants for shopping, dining and more.

things to do on anna maria island

A record 126.1 million people vacationed in Florida in 2018.

While most of these people were in the state for the theme parks, there's much more to explore in the glorious Sunshine State.

things to do in Sarasota

Sun, surf, and Southern food. These three things all equal Florida, right?

Whether you've never been there or you've already hit places like Orlando and Miami and now want something new, Sarasota is the next destination for you! You can't possibly get bored in this great city.

Keep reading to learn the top things to do in Sarasota, Florida. This is the ultimate do-not-miss list!

anna maria island rentals

Fancy a dreamy holiday spent lazing on idyllic beaches and swimming in crystal clear waters?

Found on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Anna Maria is the stunning island famous for its expansive white-sand sand beaches, regular festivals, scrumptious seafood, and adventurous water sports.

Great Mango Season Recipes on Anna maria Island

Of the many perks we enjoy here on the southwest Florida coast, the sweetest by far is our year-round bounty of delicious fresh fruits. While citrus and strawberries dominate the spring, come summer, it’s mango season. And oh what a season it is.

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